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24 October, 2011

“And He said to them, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.’” Matthew 4:19 ESV

The call of Christ is a powerful one. The most powerful call any man can ever hear. It calls people out of a life of routine, out of a life of comfort, out of all security, and into a life of truth. I am blessed to read about the call of the disciples recorded in the gospels. These guys had no idea who Jesus was, but they recognized His authority, and they followed Him. Fishermen to tax collectors to doctors, all of them gave up the only life they ever knew and followed a man with no place to rest His head.
Why would someone do something like that? Its almost unthinkable in our postmodern Western culture. To leave comfort and security to “fish for men?” No thank you, says the business man. No thank you, says the factory worker. No thank you, says the engineer. No thank you, says the farmer. And yet these disciples of Christ, from all walks of life, became nothing in the eyes of society, and yet became bearers of truth in that same society.
Christ called me out of an American-dream oriented life. I was good at school, ready to plug through college and get a good job and go live in a nice suburb of a quaint city. And yet Christ called me to something so much better: a life of hardship, but sharing the truth of God’s revelation to people that have never heard. What joy that compares to that can be found in an American-dream oriented life? The joy of seeing someone’s heart transformed in an understanding of the truth is more precious than Ferrari’s. More precious than a wife with a face lift and all other kinds of lifts at age 50. More precious than a quiet house in the country where nothing ever scares you. Praise the Lord alone that I have counted all as loss for the sake of knowing Jesus Christ.
My flesh doesn’t want that. My flesh wants comfort. But my heart, now that it has been transformed, wants the Truth. Truth often comes with hardship, but it also comes with the greatest joys. My joy now is in the prospect of raising a family with a beautiful woman with a heart of diamonds. My joy is in raising disciples wherever I am located. My joy is in understanding other cultures and learning new things every day. My joy is in God giving me comfort when I am scared of what is going on around me. My joy is in dying to myself, and living abundantly in Christ. Indeed, He truly died to give me true life.

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