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Maybe I’m in the Gap Between the Two Trapeze

17 July, 2011

*Written from Brussels Airport*

So I just saw my first Starbucks in 22 months. I was so excited I paid $5 for a “Tall Filtered Coffee”. I’m an idiot. But that was some dang good coffee.

Also, I guess I have cavities for the first time ever. My head feels like its going to explode, and we’ve been on the ground for at least an hour by now. The pain is centered around the teeth on the right side of my mouth. And not just one tooth. Ugh. During the descent I think I experienced the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I was shaking with fever after about 20 minutes of it. But God pulled me through (as He yet always has, and my faith says He always will) and I’m here in Belgium now. Just have to make it to Hotlanta and then Birmingham. I would almost rather drive to Bham from ATL than have to experience that pain again. Keyword “almost.”

So the title of this post comes from the new Coldplay Single. I’m still not sure if I like the song as a whole, but the lyrics are cool.

Last night I left what my life has been for the past two years. I have seen clay glow red hot in a “suburb” of Kinshasa. I have seen the sunrise over the Ethiopian highlands. I have worshiped God on a mountaintop in Yemen. I have seen the sunset over the Congo River, and seen hippos swim in one of the sources of the Nile river. I have walked across a bridge over the other source of the Nile. I have seen a scorpion the size of my outstretched hand in the bush in Zambia. I have become a soft-hearted soul with a life-threatening traumatic experience in a hospital in DRC. I have become a hard-hearted person on the streets of DRC. That last one is the only one for which I can take credit. Praise the Lord for grace for the sinner.

And now there’s today. I sit in Brussels, Belgium drinking a Starbucks.

And then there’s tomorrow. I go to Auburn to witnessed two of my dear friends wed in holy matrimony. And then there’s Sunday. I drive to Richmond to start seminary classes on Monday. And life starts anew, in a new world altogether.

But life doesn’t really start anew. Life started anew 6 years and a month ago. From shame to honor, from slave to freed, from fatalistic to eternally minded, from fear to power. And none of that may I declare that I have brought upon myself. “O the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgements and how unscrutable his ways!” (Paul, Letter to the Romans)

So today I’m in the gap. Tomorrow I hit full swing again. But these two worlds that I fly between are completely different. May the Lord use me as He wills, and may he do it in spite of my wretchedness. And in spite of my cavities.

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  1. charischapters permalink
    17 July, 2011 06:40

    To a traveling friend, I hope this isn’t too forward but a stranger who has read your blog for the past few months would like to welcome you back to the States. I found your blog after doing a lyric search for one of Josh Garrel’s songs, and one evening sat down and truly enjoyed your latest musings. I almost never read blogs of those whom I don’t personally know, but your global adventures kept me interested; I adore the One who fills your pages with the Good Stuff. Thanks for writing, and I’ll be praying for your transition back. Grace and peace, B

    • 24 October, 2011 21:00

      Thanks for the welcome back, B! I know its been months since you wrote this comment, but I read it right after you posted and it was very encouraging. Hopefully I can start posting more, now that the back-to-America craziness is pretty much over with.

  2. mom permalink
    17 July, 2011 23:06

    Welcome home, son. As I have longed for your return, I better understand the longing I should have for the return of our Savior. Friday, July 15, 2011 was a wonderful day, but That Day will surpass them all!

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