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Loving Imaginatively

16 May, 2010

This post will, eventually, lead to a link to another post by Russell Moore.  If you so desire, you may skip my commentary and read that article only, as it conveys the point more accurately than my commentary.

Here’s the link.

If you’re reading this commentary first, know that the link is about loving “The Poor” or “The Church” or “The Family” as imaginative, abstract concepts instead of really actually doing it.  This is a huge problem, and let me assure you, it is not America’s problem only.  It is my problem.  I find myself heralding D. Platt’s radicalism and then getting burnt out on loving the poor after a couple of hours of African kids being in my house.  I find myself turning away kids that beg from me because I see them every day and they are becoming “dependent” in my mind. I find myself frustrated with the Bible Study leader whose day job is sorcery.

Why should I claim to love “The Church” and then get frustrated with the guy who’s whole life has been consumed with witchcraft, when I can obviously see the Lord working in him to conquer that?  Why should I claim to love “The Poor” and then get frustrated with the poor kids who come begging for food?  Why should I claim to love “The Family” and then get mad at the kids who destroy everything in my apartment because they just want to hang out?

If you read the comments, someone posted a quote from The Brothers Karamazov that is an excellent point.  The love for mankind can be high, while the love for particular man can be none-existent.  Why is that?  Because mankind is invisible to particular men.  Mankind is imagination.  Not that mankind isn’t real, but mankind doesn’t knock on my gate at 7 AM.  And mankind doesn’t struggle with leaving witchcraft and embracing the gospel in Mitendi, DR Congo.

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  1. Katey permalink
    16 May, 2010 16:51

    I struggle with this, too. I love the Brothers Karamozov quote! That book is holding up my broken armchair in the living room right now…makes a good impression on all the nationals who come over, let me tell you ;).

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