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The Dog Story

8 March, 2010

Hello friends.  Its time for a story.  Strap in, this will be a quick one.

So I have this new friend, Jacques, very nice, but very “demanding” if you will.  He wants to do everything together all the time.  And he gets that pout look on his face if I don’t come by their house for a few days.  If it was a girl I would understand.

Anyway, beside the point.  OK so one day we (Jacques and I) were going to a place where he could buy a new phone.  He is moderately scared of our dog (a big black lab named Mazuti, which means “diesel fuel”) but not as scared as most (most run away from our gate when we open it).  Jacques opened our gate so I could back the truck out, I got in the truck, was about to start it up, and I heard, “Ah!  Ebimi!”

OK time for some background:  1) Our dog is the scariest dog on the street, and everyone knows it.  2) Our dog has been known to reach its snout under the gate and catch live chicken, just to kill them and leave them in the yard. 3) “Ebimi” means, “it got out”

Back to the story.

MASS PANDEMONIUM.  Seriously.  I have never heard such blood curling screams.  Apparently a chicken had passed in front of the open gate, Mazuti decided that it was worth the risk, and went for it.  When I rushed out of the gate yelling his name in an angry-disciplinary tone, he was no where to be seen, but our next-door neighbors were all screaming.  Then the mom of that house chased out the whimpering Mazuti by beating it with the broom (which it deserved).

Kids were on tables, babies were crying, Jacques was still standing in shock at the open gate, I was trying my hardest not to laugh, etc.  By this time Mazuti had taken full-shame position and his head was on my feet and he wouldn’t even get up long enough to get back in the gate.  We pretty much had to drag him back in.  What an experience.  That’s why pets are a stupid idea.  That and the poop in our yard.

The end.

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  1. mom permalink
    8 March, 2010 21:18

    all those verses about discipline:
    Proverbs 3:12,5;23,12:1,13:24,29:17

    as well as others apply to pets as well.

  2. John M permalink
    13 March, 2010 09:29

    At first I thought the dog’s name was Jacques. To which I was kind of excited because my grandfather’s dog (of my childhood) was names Jacques. ..

    Great story! 🙂

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