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Ndenge Nayamba Yezu

12 February, 2010

This promises to be my most interactive blog post yet, as I am struggling to upload both a picture AND an audio file to the blog. Cause the hook brings you back. I ain’t telling you no lie. (Name that song?)

This is a picture of me taken by Rusty when I had the privilege of sharing my testimony at a church in Mbudi. I have made many friends in this church because I go to that section of town to practice Lingala with a man named Webber. Its really a beautiful little part of town, right next to the Congo River. But that’s beside the point.

Sharing my testimony in Lingala in front of the whole church was a huge mile marker for me, ptL!

Here’s the audio in the form of a YouTube video (sorry about its boringness):

Here are the Lingala words to it:
Oyo ezali temoignage nangai ndenge nayamba Yezu.
Nabandaki kokende na eglise bomoi nangai mobimba, kasi nazalaki Chritiene te.
Liboso nakoma na dix ouit ans, nazalaki na boyebi na Nzambe kasi nazalaki na kondima te.
Tango nazalaki na dix ouit ans Nzambe alakisaki ngai ete nakoki kutu te kogagne nzela nangai ya lola na misala nangai (kokende na eglise, kosambela, pe kozala moto malamu).
Nzambe alakisaki ngai ete Yezu akufelaki ngai pe asekwaki na kufa.
Sik’oyo nandimi ete makila na Yezu elongola masumu nangai.
Pe nalingi kozala lokola Ye, pe kosala mokano na Ye.
Sik’oyo nazali kimia, esengo, pe bolamu n’esika kobanga, nsoni, pe kanda na bomoi nangai.
Yezu abongola bomoi nangai pe azali nse nzela moko po nangai kokende na lola.

And here is the general translation (doesn’t quite translate word for word)

This is my testimony of how I received Jesus.
I had been going to church my whole life, but I was not a Christian.
Before I turned 18, I had knowledge of God, but I did not have faith.
When I was 18, God showed me that I cannot earn my way to heaven by my works (like going to church, praying, or being a good person).
God showed me that Jesus died for me and He rose from the dead.
Now I believe that the blood of Jesus removes my sin.
Also, I want to be like Him, and to do His will.
Now I have peace, joy, and kindness instead of fear, shame, and anger in my life.
Jesus changed my life and He is the one and only way for me to go to heaven.

Its simple, but I think it get’s the gospel across and tells my story accurately. I hope you all enjoy hearing me speak this new language! Now you can laugh at my attempts just like the locals do ☺.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. K Dennis permalink
    12 February, 2010 22:06

    This was great! Did you have a microphone?

  2. ginna permalink
    13 February, 2010 19:49

    alan! that’s awesome.

  3. Becky H. permalink
    16 February, 2010 00:58

    This is awesome!! ptL for your language ability! He’s using it to His glory!

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