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Children of the Earth

11 February, 2010

Words and Music by Josh Garrels

Children of the Earth
Once dust but now alive
Livin’ in tents of flesh and bone
We hold spiritual fire.
Set a flame in my heart
Illuminate the darkest hours
Where I wait before the dawn
To see the glory and the power
Of the Lord

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

The older we become
We must become more like a child
Believin’ there’s a land that lies beyond
All things that we’ve seen
Make my mind free from fears
You know I can’t do it on my own
The way is high,
But we could fly over
When you heal our wings.

We sing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

This song is so simple yet means so much to me.  There are so many things to comment on, but the one line that is applying most significantly to my life right at this moment is:

“Set a flame in my heart, illuminate the darkest hours, where I wait before the dawn to see the glory and the power of the Lord.”

I feel the flame of the Holy Spirit burning within, and yet I continually try to put it out, allowing darkness to set in.  Oh that the Lord would end me and show His glory and His power.  May the dawn of His redeeming grace burn like the fire on Mount Carmel, through the water and the trench, making all my sinful darkness be extinguished by perfect Light.  I believe! Only help my unbelief.

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  1. Timmy Oswald permalink
    26 August, 2010 20:12

    This song is great and your reaction is moving. Just recently we went over that verse, Mark 9:24, help my unbelief. I love it. Thank you for this

  2. 17 November, 2011 16:58

    I’ve been so blessed by this song today (17th of November 2011) and especially by the same lines you’ve highlighted here!!
    I googled the song lyrics so that i could post them on my blog and when the first hit was a blog called dontwaitforme… well I knew.
    Thanks for this!!

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