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Fear Not! said he, for mighty dread had siezed thier troubled minds.

26 December, 2009

Andrew Peterson has supplied the content of my 12 days of Christmas, and I want to show you his blog post yesterday (Christmas) morning.  It is a beautiful insight into his thoughts, and shows that he truly believes what he is singing about — a quality lost among some artists today.  Here is Andrew’s blog post.

It harps on the fact that fear is eliminated through our faith in Christ, which is such truth!  I cannot put to words how true that is in my personal testimony, but it is definitely the top defining aspect of my new life in Christ as opposed to my life before Christ.  All fear is truly gone, about tomorrow, about death, and mostly about the coming judgement. In all of those things I have faith that the Jesus Christ has made my way straight, though narrow.  If ever it is foggy, it is because of my own disobedience, and if ever it seems wide, I can trust that either I have strayed from the true path, or He has made it wide for His glory alone.  Just read Andrew’s post.  He is the best storyteller I know, and the great thing is that his stories are mostly true stories from his own life.

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