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It Came To Pass

20 December, 2009

Words and music by Andrew Peterson

It came to pass back in those days that Caesar, he decreed
A census would be taken of the Roman world, you see
So everyone packed up and headed back to their home towns
And this couple up from Galilee to Bethlehem was bound

So it came to pass this man named Joe was with his fiance
But when her pregnancy began to show he planned to go away
But it came to pass that in a dream an angel of the Lord
Said, “Joseph, don’t you be afraid to marry Mary for
The little baby in her womb it is the Holy Spirit’s work
You may have read the prophet said a virgin would give birth

So it came to pass that Joseph was the noblest of men
With a woman on a donkey on their way to Bethlehem
And I wonder whether either was aware enough that day
To know the child would bring a Kingdom
and the old would come to pass away

Yes, it came to pass that Joseph was the noblest of men
With a woman on a donkey on their way to Bethlehem

In case you haven’t noticed the links, wherever the text is bolded red, you can click on those and it will open up a new tab which I have linked in.  Usually they are either to a site where you can listen to the song, or to BibleGateway and a passage.

The part I love about this song is that it recognizes that Joseph had to be a noble man to stay with Mary after she was with child.  He knew for certain that child wasn’t his own, for he had never known Mary in that way.  The angel of the Lord that was sent to Joseph must have been pretty convincing!  I know that is kind of and obvious statement, but think about it!  Think about if your fiance come to be pregnant, if you had not known her.  It takes quite a man to hold on to that woman, and Joseph not only kept the vow he had made, but he honored Mary, for he had faith that the baby in her womb was the Lord’s.  That’s the extreme of nobility, and some extreme faith, all in one.

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  1. mom permalink
    21 December, 2009 04:49

    did you make it snow on your blog?

  2. Becky H. permalink
    21 December, 2009 19:11

    you are hilarious. Merry Christmas Alan – in the most real sense of the phrase. love getting the updates!

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