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my Holiday

6 December, 2009

Sitting here drinking my Five Roses tea (South African) and having just finished the best (and only) grilled cheese I’ve ever cooked stove-top, and listening to the Christmas-shuffle on my iPod, I got to thinking, and we all know what happens then.

So precursor to this blog post: Close friends, and especially family, please do not get offended by what you may or may not be about to read.

The Shane & Shane song that I never really liked the sound of, nor really understood the meaning of, and therefore wondered why they put it on two of their most recent albums, came on just now. It is called “Holiday.” Here are the lyrics:

You are my Holiday
You are right in the middle of me
You are my Hideaway
You are Home

I’m calling out Your Name, oh my Holiday
You make my heart new
And I love You
What it is I’m trying to say,
You are my favorite part of me

You are my Holiday
You are right in the middle of me
You are my Hideaway
You are Home

I’m not completely sure that this song was written to our Lord or just a special woman; either way, for me, I have learned to sing it to God.  I have learned to appreciate it too, here in the last 10 minutes or so.

Being away from home during this holiday season has certainly not been easy, or normal, but it definitely has been joyful. I have been able to find just what I hoped Thanksgiving and Christmas actually were in my heart. Thanksgiving is a time for thanksgiving to the Lord for what He has done for me, and not only me, but all of mankind.  And that’s where Christmas comes in.  Christmas is a time to rejoice in the fact that Jesus Christ was God and yet became as man.  That he didn’t consider equality with God a thing to grasped (or “held on to”…but not that it wasn’t worthy of being held on to) but made Himself nothing, taking the form of a bond servant, and being born in the likeness of man.  This is the same mankind that had one command to follow in the garden and disobeyed.  That was led out of Egypt, but then worshiped the golden calf.  Was given the sacrificial system but adulterated it and began to sacrifice with no repentance, out of vain repetition.  The same mankind that He knew would crucify Him.  But He came nonetheless.  He came because He, as God, loves us and he knew that it was the only way we could have a restored (redeemed) relationship with Him.

So, Jesus is my Holiday.  Sure, celebrating it with family, at home, makes it happier.  But the joy cannot be separated from this Holiday.  After all, He’s “right in the middle of me.”  And as much as that comfortable house that surely is decorated beautifully right now in Birmingham, Alabama is an earthly home, I know that Christ is my heavenly home, and He is with me even now (sitting in the dark because the power just went out).

So family, good food, friends, tacky sweater parties, and white chocolate covered pretzels, and trees and ornaments, in the end, usually make a happy Christmas.  And they have in the past.  But I know that the joy of Thanksgiving and Christmas are Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man.  And He will never leave me, so declares my faith by grace alone.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. mom permalink
    8 December, 2009 21:40

    I think you’ve described the BEST Holiday of all. We certainly miss you too, but I actually envy you, because the purity of your Christmas will be more joyful than anything we could ever experience in this materialistic place. God has called you to go (and maybe He’ll call me at some point to that), but right now, he has called me to open my hand and give Him what was never mine.

  2. naomikk permalink
    10 December, 2009 22:57

    props… i have never understood that song either. one chorus that’s been resounding in my head lately is “store up treasures in heaven” and i’m not totally sure where i learned it, but it’s been such a cool picture of wealth vs. poverty for me.

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