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Awake So As To Not Fall Asleep

8 October, 2009

So I’m sitting here, in my bed, at 12:33 am.

In 6 hrs I will be on a plane sitting on the pavement at the Birmingham airport.  In 4 hrs I need to be awake and pretty much ready to go.  Should I go to sleep?  That is a question that bears on my mind everytime a situation like this arises.
Is it better to sleep for 3.5 hrs, and wake up miserable, or stay awake for these next 3.5 hrs and not be productive, but not fall asleep either.

What is going through my head right now?  Right at this second?

  1. I am so lame.  I have a blog and are posting on it in first person.  What do I think this is a diary?  No one cares about what I think about at 12:36 am.
  2. I am really glad some of these goodbyes have been as good as they have been.  Auburn folks, I love you guys.  Who could ask for better friends?
  3. I want to stay awake, so as to not fall asleep.
  4. My faith that started out as a mustard seed almost a year ago is about to be made sight.  In less than 40 hours. PtL!
  5. I love my Mom.  She made corn casserole AND cookies tonight.  I love my Dad.  He packed the most awesome stuff in my pack when we found out I had more room (and weight availability) than I thought.  Such as:
  • An 800 pack of toothpicks.
  • A double fifteen set of dominos
  • a tap light
  • goggles “there’s really nothing like goggles when you need them”

Thank y’all so much for your prayers.  God’s will for my life is so good, pleasing and perfect.  Why do I deserve to be the one who gets to go to the DRC for two years?  I don’t know, but I’m thankful for it.  For all the things that I’ll miss out on in the states (the office wedding, 2009 and 2010 Auburn football, my 23rd year of life, David and Alicia’s wedding) I am sure that there will be things that far surpass them all on the other side of the pond.   Not that David and Alicia’s wedding won’t be awesome, because it will.  Its just that I’m not so sad about missing it.  Why be sad about missing the ceremony when you saw it coming from the beginning?  PtL for good friends and their getting married.  And ptL for all the things that will happen in the DRC over the next two years that will assure me that God’s will is for me to be there, not here.

T-5:07:47 till the doors close behind me

T-35:07:03 till all the doors open ahead

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  1. naomikk permalink
    8 October, 2009 05:37

    i’m reading this blog @ 12:36 Hawaii time, which means you’re probably getting on the plane right now. i’m praying for ya, alan… enjoy your super-long journey! and it stinks that you’ll miss the office because you’ll be in transit.

  2. 9 October, 2009 01:08

    God give you peace and time for reflection during those 30 hours in between!

  3. David (Dad) Dennis permalink
    9 October, 2009 02:03

    You are an “AWESOME” son. God blessed us when you were born but we did not realize at the time you were born with a purpose, a “Special Purpose”. Most people live a lifetime and never realize their “special purpose”. We love you so very much……Mom and Dad

  4. 10 October, 2009 03:39

    Welcome to DRC! Glad to have you hear.

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