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Does Congo Matter?

2 October, 2009

Check out this video about the D.R. Congo.  There are some moving pictures with some stunning statistics.

While social justice is not what I am going to the DRC to address, it is important to know how much these people are hurting for the gospel.

To know that there are millions of people that are sick, dehumanized, displaced, and dying without the peace that comes from faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and the joy that is everlasting in Him is heartbreaking.  To know that there is no way I can make a difference in this huge country, but that our God can is more than encouraging.  It is moving.  It is moving me there to be His hands.  And to be His feet.  Romans 10:14-17.  Do these statistics move you? Will you let our God and Father move you?

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  1. Adam permalink
    2 October, 2009 21:32

    great quote.

  2. mom permalink
    5 October, 2009 21:53

    Enjoyed the video and the comments about Tom Elliff’s message.

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