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The Farm and Its Quirks

10 August, 2009

Chacos are the official footwear of the Farm.

Coffee is the official beverage of the Farm.

Andrew Peterson is the official iPod music on the Farm.

G, C, and D are the official chords of the Farm.

At least a goatee is the official facial hair of the Farm.

Humid is the official weather of the Farm.

Mac is THE official computer of the Farm.

Watching episodes of the Office on the mac is the official TV of the Farm.

Dorms 2 and 37 are the official singles mixers of the Farm.

Nametags are the official neck-wear of the Farm.

No inappropriate touching” is the official greeting on the Farm.

Ultimate is the official sport of the Farm.

Trying to find “the room” is the unofficial nighttime recreation of the Farm.

An untucked polo and jeans is the official “business casual” of the Farm.

Union University is the official source of Journeymen for the Farm.

Auburn University is officially the coolest school represented on the Farm. (Thanks to Matthew and Cristi and Brian).

ESV-mini is the official Bible of the Farm.

iPod touch with Skype is the official iPhone of the Farm.

Skype is officially the quickest way to get in touch with your parents from the Farm.

For those reading who are currently at the Farm, you will understand more of these than the others, and please make additions as you see fit.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 10 August, 2009 15:55

    i give this post an A+

  2. Becky H. permalink
    12 August, 2009 20:42

    sounds like a quirky place… and looks like I’ll be there after you guys have finished up! Oct. I think.

  3. cierra permalink
    18 August, 2009 13:56

    this is hilarious!

  4. The Bishop permalink
    26 April, 2011 16:11

    I’m sitting at the farm in an untucked Polo and jeans, on my Mac, drinking coffee, with my name tag, stroking my goatee, but wearing Toms…

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