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Precursor to the “Official ILC” Post

2 August, 2009

Let me explain just what the ILC is before I go listing off a bunch of things that are “official ILC”.  The ILC is the International Learning Center (“The Farm”) in the country outside of Richmond.  It is where all of us gospel workers come to learn how to minister cross-culturally before we actually go to the field.  Being out in the country, it is quite cultish sometimes.  After all, there are about 450 of us like-minded people out here in the middle of the woods.  Don’t get me wrong, its a nice place and most people are normal if not awesome people to hang out with.  Its just that some things stick out as common threads among the majority.  We have learned a lot even in these 5 or 6 days about what to expect when we get to the field as far as culture differences, spiritual darkness, etc.

Elbert is our ILC leader-dude, and he is very solid but also a bit overenthusiastic about being here…  He is one of those guys that would hold a great conversation, but it would feel weird the whole time that he was so passionate about what you were talking about.  He has taught most of the sessions so far.  I don’t know why I tell you that, except to hope you can maybe experience in some way what we are experiencing.

So, in conclusion of a very random and seemingly uninformative post, The Farm is cultish, and there are things that happen to appear quite often among us.  This is not a cult though.  We are not being taught about anything other than the truth of Scripture and the holiness of God in that Scripture and how we can prepare to teach that gospel to those that don’t know.  None of us will die here, LW (but there is a chance some of us will after we leave).

I will leave you with a clip:

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  1. Ricky Rondo permalink
    3 August, 2009 21:06

    I bet they have good Kool-Aid. You should post some pictures of the place or like what a normal day looks like

    • 4 August, 2009 14:40

      Yea they have good powerade. And if you mix it with some lemonade it is a good sour flavored blue drank.
      We’re not supposed to take pictures of anyone, but I’ll try to get some pictures of the “compound,” if you will.

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