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First Baptist Birmingham VBS: Rome

17 July, 2009

This week’s ministry opportunity was the Vacation Bible School at my home church, First Baptist Church of Birmingham.  The VBS curriculum used was not LifeWay‘s, but an organization called Group.  It was called Rome:  Paul and the Underground Church and it was a good one I think.  I was blessed to play the role of Paul, so the solid biblical truths were spoken through me everyday, for about 20 minutes every day.  On day one we used Romans 6:23 and taught that God’s love is a gift.  On Tuesday, we used Romans 5:8 to show that God’s love changes us.  Day three used Romans 8:38 to show that God’s love is always with us.  Thursday we used Romans 12:2 to teach that God’s love saves us.  And today, Friday, we taught from Romans 1:16, which is self explanatory, and the theme verse of the aptly named 116 Clique.

The setting was Paul in house arrest in Rome, chained to a Roman guard named Brutus (played by Wes Stevenson).  On the first day, I told them my (Paul’s) testimony, and Brutus was a mean Roman guard.  Through the week, Brutus gets more and more interested in the gospel, and on day 4, we specifically and intentionally presented the gospel (to the kids and Brutus essentially).  On day 5, the kids come in and Brutus has “confessed with his mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believed in his heart that God raised Him from the dead” so he had been saved.  The kids were able to see how his countenance changed, and how he had to give up his livelihood to follow Christ, and tell others about what God had done for him.

There were no “decisions” that I heard of, but that is fine with me.  I know the children heard a lot of truth all week.  For me, its not about the one-time “how many decisions did you get” kinda stuff.  Salvation is about a changed life, and its about hating sin, and letting God change your heart so that you do.  And I think that message was conveyed much more than the “you need to pray a prayer and get saved today” mentality.  I saw the kids listening to the Bible, and I saw their eyes entranced by Paul’s changed life, and Brutus’ changed life.  So, the seeds have been planted, and Jesus makes them grow.  Praise the Lord for a successful VBS week, even if there were no “decisions.”

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  1. Ricky Rondo permalink
    21 July, 2009 16:09

    I didn’t know that it wasn’t Lifeway until a few days ago. It was really well done overall and very solid teaching from what I could tell. Good job Paul

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