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Bon Iver

16 June, 2009

So Zack, Jeff and I went to see an artist named Bon Iver on June 6 at Workplay in Birmingham. As is normal when I go do anything that is different than the norm, that excursion got my thinking about something different than the norm: in this case, why I like the music that I like.

The reason I enjoy Bon Iver’s moaning about his lost love in the album “For Emma, Forever Ago,” and yet completely despise the emo music that usually is about the same topic, is relatively simple. Bon Iver is passionate about making a work of art, in this case songs, to portray his thoughts. He is completely passionate about his music that he releases to the general public. In the case of the music that I do not like to listen to, the artist is entirely more passionate about moaning to his lost love, that he probably treated wrongly in the first place, than he is passionate about making quality music.

To make quality music, I feel like an artist should somehow merge his musical style and songwriting ability with his life. In this way, the artist’s music is completely in tune with his life, which is really the essence of folk music. When one’s life is portrayed directly through his music, the work of art becomes a work of passion. When a work of passion is distributed to the masses, the masses see the artist through and through, and a live show is no different than the album. That was what we saw with Bon Iver, and that is what I have witnessed with one of my other favorite artists, Josh Garrels.

Mainstream music has a difficult time keeping up with the marriage of passion in life and passion in music. The mainstream artist far too easily falls into the publicity well, and begins to drink that briny solution at the bottom. I hate to stereotype such a broad group of people though, and there are your occasional mainstream artists that shy from the limelight, because the limelight is not the night light that they are used to. And I respect that.

So for what it is worth, this is my view of music as I have grown to love it. And trust me it has been a process. I am not demanding anyone to like music for the same reason I do, just to understand where I come from. I would love to know why others enjoy the music that they enjoy, so hit me.

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  1. Ricky Rondo permalink
    16 June, 2009 18:49

    Not sure why I like some music but sometimes I keep liking music because of the stuff I associate with it. Like different songs that I listened to in different stages of life or with different friends. Also I agree, passion is important. Prepackaged music stinks.

  2. 20 June, 2009 04:52

    Thanks for commenting over on my post. I found Josh Garrels back in 2007 somewhere, somehow online through a youtube of Freedom. There was an immediate connection. Never am I saturated with his music.

    Saw him last year at Cornerstone at the Gallery stage. He has so much energy when he plays live that doesn’t come through in the recordings. But still, I can listen over and over. I fell the same way about Rosie Thomas.

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